It's like Christmas in March: As mentioned early last week, tomorrow at Union/Pine there's a curated sale to rival those we usually see only in the weeks leading up to the holidays: Beggar's Banquet. It's an import from Vancouver, BC, where organizer Meghan Paterson hosts a similar model monthly, and the Portland edition gets an assist from local Nicole Funke. It's a jumble of vintage purveyors and local small companies selling housewares and clothes, books, books, records, and other odds and ends that should make for a pleasant afternoon of relaxed browsing with no clocks ticking down to birthings of christs or anything. Portland doesn't have something as large or consistent as the Brooklyn Flea, but with more and more of these tiny, original, but similarly motivated events popping up around town and around the calendar, it's hard to feel too deprived. Peep the vendors: