Now, alongside the "Liquid Rules" and "Traveling With Children" tabs on the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) website, you'll find "Transgender Traveler." The page gives a run-down on the rights and expectations of trans passangers. Specifically, that while they are required to put down the gender that's on their ID when booking a flight, they will receive a pat-down by a TSA agent of the same gender of the traveler, based on their outside appearance. Also, "Travelers should neither be asked to nor agree to lift, remove, or raise any article of clothing to reveal a prosthetic and should not be asked to remove it." While the site dances around the subject without giving much detail, it's a significant step for an organization with a history of transgender bias.


Last July, Los Angeles International Airport TSA Agent Ashley Yang was fired from her job after a coworker saw her using the women's restroom. Prior to her firing, Yang was forced by TSA management to present herself as a male at work, leading to harassment from other travelers. Yang's follow-up lawsuit not only led to a hefty settlement, but triggered a national TSA transgender sensitivity program. This new website is a clear product of the company's raised awareness.