FilmDrunk's Vince Mancini told you to go see it, but there were not nearly enough people in the theater when I saw the Dance Dance Revolution Beat Beat Revelation epic The FP over the weekend, so obviously you idiots didn't listen. Maybe this will help convince you: Even Sarah Mirk loved it, and the only movies she likes are Quicksilver and The Bicycle Thief. (Sarah texted me after she saw it: "I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up up down side up down side. SO GOOD". A Dance Dance Revolution joke! From Sarah Mirk! Yes!)

Maybe the dialogue in The FP trailer is what's putting people off, so it's probably a good thing Drafthouse Films has put out a guide to some of the more unique terms used by the Beat Beat Revelation-crazed denizens of the FP. Click on it to enlarge, then call your dipshit coworker either a clam chowder or a cranberry juice. Your call.