It's a well known fact that the New York Times loves to drool over Portland as often as possible. Examples here, here and here (and that's not all). So you're probably expecting another quaint installment in the NYT's monthly ode to Portland.

TWIST! Turns out we've got another major media outlet on our side. You guessed it (nope, completely positive you did not): FOX News.


What draws Portland's most loved news network to our neck of the woods? Everything you would expect. And, coincidentally, all the same things that suck NYT reporters in. Food, coffee, bikes, nature. "Funny hats, food trucks, obsessive baristas, urban gardening, bike lovers — Portland is practically a laboratory of all that's hip and cool in North America right now," writes travel reporter George Hobica.

Alas, commenters didn't let ol' Hobica slip past with this one. Here's just a snippet of the Portland praise the article triggered.


Snide remarks aside, the article's existence only further proves that Portland has mainstream American doodling its name on their notebooks with hearts around it, indefinitely.