Mike Scheidt, frontman for seminal doom metal band YOB, is prepping his first solo release, due to come out June 12 on Thrill Jockey. Fans of the pulverizing loudness that is YOB may be surprised to learn that Scheidt's new record, titled Stay Awake, will feature a mellower side of the guitarist, focusing on fingerpicking and possibly more acoustic-oriented material. Scheidt grew up in the Eugene area, in the shadow of Ken Kesey and the Oregon Country Fair, so the more folk-roots-hippie side of his music will likely be on display.

Tell us more, Mr. Press Release:

Stay Awake combines elements of folk (both Western and Eastern) with epic arrangements and dramatic emotions, the latter being hallmarks of classic rock ballads. The music is meant to be intense, spacious and passionate while still being somewhat straight-forward and familiar. The album was recorded by Sub Pop legend (and more importantly to Scheidt a close personal friend), Tad Doyle at his Witch Ape Studio in Seattle, Washington.
There's more info on the Thrill Jockey website, although a preview track is not yet available.

Album cover and track listing after the jump. Meanwhile, you can likely get a taste of Stay Awake on Friday night (March 23), when Scheidt opens for Michael Gira and Sir Richard Bishop at Mississippi Studios (3939 N Mississippi).

Mike Scheidt - Stay Awake

01. When Time Forgets Time
02. Until the End of Everything
03. In Your Light
04. The Price
05. Breathe
06. Stay Awake