Damn, the Dill Pickle Club is really on fire these days, and hot off the heels of their release of the (Merc-reporter-on-leave Sarah Mirk-penned) Oregon History Comics comes the first of their lecture series of the year, A Place Called Home: Lectures on Filmmaking in Portland. The first of these, focused on "Narrative," kicks off this Sunday afternoon at 1 pm at Cinema 21 with a solid lineup of speakers including David Cress (best known as a producer for some of Gus Van Sant's films as well as Portlandia), Walt Curtis (he wrote Mala Noche, which Van Sant made into a film), Shawn Levy (film critic for the Oregonian, and David Walker (filmmaker and former Willamette Week critic).

Topics they plan to touch on include Portland's advertising industry and how it has bolstered local filmmaking; how Portland's culture and policies affect the industry; and its legacy of prolific (if often forgotten) independent films. It should be a stimulating way to spend the afternoon, especially if you are, or aspire to be, involved in projects around town. Tickets are only $5 for DPC members, and $10 for average schmos, but here on Blogtown you can prove that you are exceptional and a winner, by being one of the first five people to email me the correct answer to the very easy question, "What is the bubble?," and win one of five tickets we have to give away.