Happy Second Day of Spring!: Your reward: Snow.

Give Some Shits: Don't let the inclement weather stop you from swinging by the Mercury and Bus Project's Give a Shit Happy Hour today!

Toulouse Takedown: French police kill the gunman that shot four Jewish schoolchildren after a three-day man hunt.

Changing Guard:Mali soldiers overthrow the government, sending President Amadou Toumani Toure into hiding, and looting his presidential estate.

Who's There?: Mysterious loud "booms" in the night piss off and scare a Wisconsin town. The local church's answer? The hand o' God.

Red Flag: The wife of Jason Russell, Invisible Children's public masturbation wild child, says her husband suffers from brief reactive psychosis. Sign me up!

Loo Layover: A broken toilet on an United Airlines flight leaves Beijing-bound passengers stranded in Anchorage for two days. Surprise! No one is pleased.

Holy Cellphone Cyborgs!: Nokia—yes, it still exists—creates tattoos that vibrate whenever you receive a call or text message. THIS IS HORRIFYING.

Who'da Thunk: Top online dating sites decide that running a background check on members may be a smart move.

Mad Men: The game