In order to prove that the Obama Administration is corrupt, Republican "journalist" Jason Mattera decided to prove that the celebrities who support the Obama Administration are corrupt. Makes sense! So he caught Bono backstage at a party and proceeded to interview him about charities that do work in his name:

Mattera: By dodging taxes on royalties are you raiding the poverty programs you purport to champion?
"Bono": No.
Mattera: No? Don't you want governments to be generous with other people's money and not yours?
"Bono": I don't have control over that ...
Mattera: How do you not have control over that? It's your company. Are you not in charge of your own company?
"Bono": It's not my company.
Mattera: You have no say in what U2 does?
"Bono": Not particularly.
Mattera: You don't? You don't have a say in what U2 does?
"Bono": No.

Mattera then trumpeted the interview all over conservative media—on (under the headline "Exclusive: U2's Bono Caught in Tax-Dodging Hypocrisy"), on The Blaze, and on Hannity's Fox News program. Then it was revealed that Mattera didn't interview Bono at all, but a Bono impersonator who Mattera mistakenly believed was the real Bono.

Ooops! According to Gawker, the Bono impersonator said "he was 'waiting' for Mattera to figure out that he wasn't really Bono. That moment didn't come...He added, 'I think in the end he was trying to find dirt, and I wasn't there to give it to him. I didn't speak as Bono for Bono with an Irish accent.'" The story has been scrubbed from Breitbart and The Blaze, and it's not accessible on YouTube anymore, either. The Vulture has video of the exchange, however, and you really should watch it, because it's fucking hilarious.