Anyone else kinda pissed off that Zach Randolph left Portland and became a really good forward who manages to get through practices without beating the shit out of his teammates? Dude's been averaging 20pts-10rebs for the last 5 years. That kind of work gets you this kind of tribute.

Gonna be honest: "Zach Randolph (4x)" isn't the most aesthetically pleasing chorus in the history of hip-hop.

So, Z-bo, the Godzilla to Raymond Felton's Godzuki, is going to be stomping up and down the Rose Garden today trying to shake off a bunch of rust and dust after missing most of the Grizzlies 25-19 season due to a knee injury. This Loosey-Goosey Special Edition Portland TrailTankers team is trying to shake off the road trip that essentially ended all hopes of a competitive season, and their recent 30 point loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

A win would be nice, if only because I'm afraid Coach Canales might have his bouncy personality permanently punctured by the time April closes out the season. It'll be like watching a sunflower wilt via time-lapse photography. I'm not looking forward to that.