Part of me loves it when Portland gets one last cold snap like yesterday's snowy semi-scare. Yes, everyone complains about the weather in perfect harmony, people drive like total assholes, and schools open late to the general disruption of every parent's schedule. Soon, however, it'll be too warm to appreciate classic winter comfort for months to come. Before the weather gets too reasonable, I'm going pretend it's still winter and enjoy cozy offerings around town while they still kind of make sense.

While smoking patios of bars are still miserable options and not to be lingered around for long, I'll actually be indoors for movies and such. This Monday, March 26, for example, boasts a double-feature of Spinal Tap and CB4 at Swift Lounge- grab a hot toddy if it's still on the menu and snuggle up with fellow mockumentary fans.
Swift Lounge is at 1932 NE Broadway.

And I can only handle the enormous bowls of wonton noodle soup from Chen's Good Taste when it's cold outside. Hanging racks of pork and barbequed ducks greet you as you enter this little dining room found just north of the Chinatown arch, and while the rest of their menu is nothing extraordinary, the soup is really something else. Last time I was there for dinner the woman serving was busy hand-shaping dumplings until other customers arrived. Comfort food doesn't get better than this.
Chen's Good Taste is located at 18 NW Fourth and is open for lunch and dinner daily.

Ill miss you, winter
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What other seasonal favorites will you miss, Blogtown? Last chance til Autumn!