The man was always classy. There's no denying that. This full page ad he purchased in the Sunday Oregonian pretty much seals that particular deal. There are a lot of things you can argue about Nate; He was too rigid, he micromanaged too much, he maybe stayed a year or two too long in Portland... You can argue those things, but after reading that letter, it's hard not to want the man to immediately come back.

And he will come back, and soon. Not every owner in the NBA is a butt-huffing clueless moron. Someone is going to make the very smart move of picking McMillan up. That team will practice hard, play hard, and its players will get their shit together, or get gone. Hopefully that team is built for the very particular, hard-nosed brand of basketball that Nate knows how to coach, because that's really the only gear he has, but if he's given the right pieces, he is going to take that team into the playoffs.

The Blazers host the Golden State Warriors tonight. Despite the fact management is tanking the season in hopes of getting two top-10 draft picks in the offseason (it isn't going to happen) and the Warriors are 20-26 and sort of flailing about, the game itself should be pretty fun to watch. Me personally - I hope there's a couple people behind the Warriors bench doing nothing but loudly reading from a mile-long transcript entitled "The idiotic things Mark Jackson barfed into a microphone as commentator for ABC Sports."

Maybe in a couple years, with some hard work and some luck, he'll become half the coach McMillan was.