After a 17 months of waiting, season 5 of Mad Men has finally arrived with an episode of utter lunacy, and I loved it.

All kinds of handsome is back.
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  • All kinds of handsome is back.

That said, it wasn't the greatest episode. First episodes of the season just get the ball rolling on the conflicts we'll be seeing. And conflicts we shall see. All the spoilers and everything after the jump.

The plot summary in about 250 words.

Don and Megan now live in a swanky penthouse in Manhattan and go in to work together everyday. Megan is a junior copywriter. It's a little awkward for everyone. Roger decides to run an ad touting SCDP as an Equal Opportunity Employer to poke fun at another agency that dropped water bags on Civil Rights protestors. Roger is muscling in on Pete's business leads so Pete calls a meeting and throws his dick on the table, asking Roger to give him his office since its bigger and better for hosting clients. Joan's mother is staying with her to help with the baby. They don't get along. Basically Joan treats her the way Joan treats everyone.

Megan throws Don a surprise party for his birthday. Peggy is dubious. Don is 40. Megan does a sexy dance for Don in front of everyone. Don and Megan get into a fight because he didn't like the party and he hates surprises.

Joan sees the SCDP ad and thinks they're shopping for her replacement. She goes into the office and is reassured by Lane that she is still irreplaceable. Peggy is afraid of babies. Harry makes lewd comments about Megan, which she hears. Megan gets upset, argues with Peggy, and goes home.

Roger asks Harry to switch offices with Pete. Pete is happy but not happy. Don goes home to check on Megan, who is so mad at Don, that she cleans the apartment in sexy underwear, and then they do it.

The ad Roger placed attracts a room full of African American applicants for a nonexistent job. In order to save face, they decide to hire a secretary.

Also there was a subplot with Lane finding a wallet that I found creepy and boring.

Talking Points

MEGAN KNOWS ABOUT DICK WHITMAN. So take one away from the "Don didn't marry Fay because she knew about Dick Whitman" column. They glossed over it, but I'm pretty sure they were celebrating the actual Don Draper's birthday and not Dick's.

I though Cooper was actually gone for good. It's nice to see him still around.

Harry has lost some weight, and with it the chubby cute guy look, though he does have nice glasses. Is his marriage on the rocks? That was not made explicit.

Don and Megan have a weird sex life. The old French-Canadian maid act huh? Now I've seen everything.

I love Joan, but who doesn't love Joan? That said...

I love Pete and will continue to love Pete. His bitchface was in full effect.

Stan is juuuuuuuust bearable as the office goof. Does anyone believe this meathead can draw though?

The party scene was a real treat, seeing how all the characters interact.

Don will ruin Megan.

Fun Stuff/Trivia

Don hated this party. Roger and Jane threw a similar gathering in S3 for Derby Day.

You'll probably be hearing this song a lot now.

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