Portland Clowns is hiring!


Good work, Portland redditors, on finding the creepiest thing on the whole internet. Seriously—click through to read the job description. Affiliated site terminatorspoof.com is also hiring:

More information about this project: I really like the “terminator” movies, (“terminator 3” being my favorite movie of all time because its nonstop action, it has funny stuff in it, and it even has a love story) and I also really liked the “terminator the Sarah Conner chronicles” show so my intent isn’t to put down terminator but to instead playfully make fun of it because there is some stuff in it that’s kind of silly, for example they say you have to time travel naked because only living stuff will go, when what about hair and fingernails and toe nails they aren’t living and what about the liquid terminator in terminator 2 and the partially liquid terminator in terminator 3, they aren’t covered with living tissue but still go time travel naked. Also the idea of time travel I think is kind of silly because I think it’s impossible to travel through time and as proof of this we don’t have people claiming to be from the future showing up.

I can't tell if this is very sophisticated viral marketing, or a legitimate example of the internet being totally batshit crazy. I'm leaning toward the latter.