Officers at the scene of the shooting

Around 8 this morning, four Portland police officers shot at a man wielding what looked to be a handgun on SE Stark and 37th, near Laurelhurst Park.

The man, who is suspected of robbing a Belmont convenience store, was found by police sleeping in a parked car alongside the park at 7:30 am. After waking up, and noticing the surrounding police cars, the man emerged from his vehicle holding the weapon. But! After the four currently unnamed officers shot at the suspect and retrieved his weapon, they found that it was a replica gun.

"Even if you point a fake gun at a police officer, the officer will act appropriately," says Sergeant Pete Simpson. "It's very hard to tell."

Simpson says that the suspect sustained non-life threatening injuries and is currently in surgery. He also related this incident to the January shooting of Bradley Morgan, who was shot after pulling out a toy gun in front of police officers. More information on the exact officers involved and other missing details to come.