Now that the weekend's over and all the nerds can stop complaining about The Hunger Games (seriously, nitpicking nerds, I went into Hunger Games all cynical and wary about everything from the casting to the rating, and even I can be like "Eh, not perfect, but still pretty damn good!"), we turn our eyes to next weekend, when some truly terrible-looking films are coming out (I'm looking at you, Mirror Mirror). But also! The Indonesian action flick The Raid: Redemption is opening at Cinema 21 on Friday!

My review will be in Thursday's paper, but spoiler: All it's gonna say is that The Raid: Redemption is more or less 100 percent badass. I haven't been this surprised or impressed by an action movie since... it's been a while. The first Ong Bak, maybe? Before Tony Jaa went crazy and started practicing black magic? It's not fine art—it has the bare minimum of plot and character that's legally required in order to call itself a "narrative feature"—but in terms of editing, tone, and sheer, visceral action, holy shit. Anyway, here's the red-band trailer, which is totally SFW unless your boss hates extreme acts of stunningly kinetic violence. LIGHTEN UP, BOSS.