What part of "the ACLU means business and they will fuck you up" don't you morons understand? Schools keep discriminating against LGBT students, the ACLU keeps suing, and the ACLU—and LGBT students—keeps winning. Today the NYT reports about a school in Missouri that the ACLU is suing:

Students using the computers at Camdenton High School here in central Missouri have been able to access the Web sites for Exodus International, as well as People Can Change, antigay organizations that counsel men and women on how to become heterosexual. They have been able to read Bowers v. Hardwick, the 1986 Supreme Court ruling that upheld a Georgia statute criminalizing sodomy. But they have been blocked from reading Lawrence v. Texas, the 2003 Supreme Court ruling that held that laws criminalizing sodomy were unconstitutional. They have been given access to scores of antigay sites, but not to those supportive of gay people.

School administrators say they're not discriminating. If a gay student that wants to access a pro-gay site—like the pro-gay parts of the Supreme Court's website?—that gay student just has to personally ask school administrators to unblock that particular website. But gay students, who are already being harassed in this high school, don't feel comfortable outing themselves to administrators with requests to unblock all the awesome gay erotica on the Supreme Court's website.

The school says they're just following federal law, which requires schools to use blocking software that prevents students from accessing pornography. But the software this school is using—which has an eery 100% success rate when it comes to blocking pro-gay/pro-reality websites—isn't nearly as effective when it comes to blocking actual porn sites:

Judge Laughrey noted that the URLBlacklist filter was even bad at doing its primary, legal job: blocking pornography. Tested on its ability to recognize 500 sexually explicit sites, it missed 30 percent of them. CIPAFilter, one of the leaders in the field, missed 3 percent. The judge concluded that the only reason she could see for continuing to use an “ineffective” product “falling below professional standards” was a desire to discriminate.

The ACLU is suing these stupid fuckers and the ACLU is going to win. Again.

The lawyers and staff at the ACLU are the unsung heroes of the movement to end discrimination against LGBT students in America's public schools.