The Opulent Project is a high-minded collective of jewelry makers that "investigates opulence within the context of our society’s obsession with material possessions. We seek to create a dialogue between the precious and non-precious and subvert mainstream preconceptions regarding value in material culture. To do so we are constantly questioning and considering where these ideologies originate and examining ways in which we may alter and intervene with this visual language. We value a conceptual approach to jewelry design that is rooted in a deep understanding of the making process."

For April's First Thursday (noon-9 pm),, they'll be opening their in-studio exhibition space, T.O.P. Crate, for a viewing of Mistakes Were Made, in which they'll display a selection of the last four years' worth of rejected wax models used to make their cast metal jewelry, as well as mistakes cast in silver and bronze. So says the event description, "It is not always possible to pull the perfect wax model out of a mold, so we are left with many, many rejects. Some are near perfect, some are hardly recognizable and others are anywhere in between. They are all accidents. Last month, we used our accidental waxes to create a variety of forms and objects which we cast in bronze and silver."

During this event the public will also be invited to help "re-craft" some of the mistakes into new objects, so you can "save a wax," make it permanent in metal and, naturally, make your own mistakes in the process. Or, you can just watch.

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