Potatoes taste great, kids! EAT THEM ALL.
  • Potatoes taste great, kids! EAT THEM ALL.

Okay, so the whole "evil Monsanto" conversation is old (albeit accurate) and so are the company's attempts to silence it. But nothing says "turning over a new leaf" like a fun kids activity book about bioengineering, right?

Monsanto and six other major bioengineering companies recently released a book for kids about the wonders of genetically modified food, deeming them safe, environmentally sound and generally better than natural agriculture. I'm hooked!

A lot of folks aren't though, especially because this booklet will be distributed to agriculture and science classrooms across the states.

The book opens with a dandy "Hey Kids!" welcome, and reminds me how much I hate the adjective "neat": "This is an activity book for young people like you about biotechnology — a really neat topic. Why is it such a neat topic? Because biotechnology is helping to improve the health of the Earth and the people who call it home."

It goes on to explain that GMOs are great for the world because they don't require pesticides—but it doesn't really explain why. It's because it's already in the leaves, children! Also, cotton is fantastic because it makes t-shirts. And look how much fun being a scientist is! To learn about these facts and more, check out the handy handbook yourself (PDF).