This morning, Portland police responded to a robbery at SE 122 Daylight Donut shop.

Here is a donut!
  • Here is a donut!

No, I'm serious guys. The store employee working the front counter said that the suspect, a 30 to 40-year old woman, pointed a handgun and demanded money from the register. But! According to police, the donut slinger wasn't leaving it at that. After the suspect left the store, the employee chased down the suspect, grabbed the stolen money and gun and hit the suspect in the face with said weapon. Success!

However, the suspect still managed to jet off in a tan Dodge Neon before the police pulled up. Oddly enough, the handgun she used ended up being a replica—a recently common piece of evidence in local crime.

In this week's Mercury (link to follow shortly), we looked into the city's ruling on replica handguns, after robbery suspect Jonah Potter was shot by Portland police officers after displaying one on Monday. Turns out, there isn't one—although Mayor Sam Adams has ignited a Facebook conversation about it. Following today, it looks like he'll have to ramp up the discussion.