So it's the old bathing-suit-in-the-snow trick, eh? Unless I'm being paid a $9,000 day rate to pose for a world-famous photographer or in a really bad situation that you should probably do me a solid and call the cops about, being in the snow wearing a bathing suit ain't gonna friggin' happen. However, I'm told that people enjoy it as a kind of whimsical lark. And that's fine. I get my own kicks. However, should you be one of the thrilled-to-be-frozen, you may as well exercise your oddity for personal profit.

For instance: Every weekend in April, Mount Hood Meadows will be doling out 20% off coupons to Popina Swimwear to anyone who shows up to go skiing in a bathing suit. I know, 20% off does not equal free, but they'll also enter you in a weekly drawing for things like a $250 gift card to Popina, $100 to the Meadows, and two VIP passes to the 6th annual SnoKona Pond Skim on Saturday April 28—wherein people dress up in costumes to ski down a hill and skim over a 90 ft "pond" (sounds safe). Needless to say, beer is involved (it's thrown by Kona Brewing, thus the name), and models are tortured challenged in the name of fun with a swimwear fashion show. It goes like this: