The Bridgetown Comedy fest is coming up, and every year at Bridgetown the crowds are a mixed bag of die-hard comedy fans and people who aren't quite sure about this whole standup thing, but sure do like to drink. Sometimes those people who like to drink decide that because the show they are seeing is in a casual venue, like a bar, that the show must be interactive. And so, from a combination of booze + misunderstanding the context of the performance, a heckler is born.

Sure, watching a comedian respond to a heckler CAN provide moments of unscripted comedic brilliance, but most of the time it's just incredibly uncomfortable for everyone in the room who isn't wasted and/or an asshole. Hecklers are people who are convinced they are having smarter, funnier thoughts than they actually are. If you heckle at Bridgetown the comic you are heckling will probably be super mean to you, because you deserve it, and probably no one will share a lemon drop with you, unlike in this delightful Mitch Hedberg clip which this entire post is actually just a thinly veiled excuse to share:

Right? Delightful!