Charlie Hales has gone Portland on us: On April 14 he's hosting a citywide scavenger hunt followed by a Holocene dance party. To be honest, "On the Hunt with Charlie" looks like a clever way to enlighten folks on their surrounding city (as well as remind them how Hales has contributed to its splendor...their angle, not mine). And it's free!

Your reward: A Charlie Hales popsicle?
  • Your reward: A Charlie Hales popsicle?

"Former City Council member and Mayoral Candidate Charlie Hales helped shape our fine city into the place we are all proud to call home. Pick up points as you better get to know the history of Portland's prominent, funky & obscure community landmarks—all while gallivanting around Portland," reads the press release.

The event tries a little too hard to be hip—but you got to give them some credit for trying, right? Here are the rules:

1. Invite 4-6 friends, co-workers, neighbors, family members to join your team

2. Choose a rockin' team name

3. Pick a team mascot (an quirky object or creative item that you can easily bring with you on the hunt—a bouquet of roses, a collection of Portland ballcaps, a birdhouse…whatever suits your fancy!)

4. Should you feel so inclined (and we think you should), wear costumes or team-themed outfits

Quirky! Also, each team is required to have a phone with the Instagram app, which is a little discriminatory. I think the best part will be watching Hales "shake (his) thang to some sweet tunes courtesy of our sweet DJ."