At 7pm tonight, our intrepid and esteemed Timbers blogger Brian Gjurgevich (a man who knows how to enjoy the surfeit of consonants life has bestowed upon him) will begin covering tonight's Blazers game, a contest against the team holding the worst record in the Western Conference, the New Orleans Hornets. They are also the only team in the league whose logo consists of a horrifyingly large insect fucking the shit out of a basketball while flying in front of a fireplace poker.


Imagine how big that bug has to be if that basketball is regulation sized. NOW: Imagine how big that bugs PENIS must be.

(pause for shuddering)

Their logo is a perfectly apt visual metaphor for the Hornets style of play. So the Blazers, a team ostensibly in the middle of a management-induced TANKJOB, will likely go 4-4 under Coach Canales amiable reign later tonight. But the Basketball Gods are fickle, and that is why they play the games. Follow along with Mr. Gjurgevich tonight at 7pm.