Chinese police arrest six following a hoax coup. The police also reportedly shut down 16 websites that were spreading rumors of the faux take over.

In Thailand, a bomb kills 11. The act of terror is believed to be the work of Muslim separatists.

Yes We Can Get By Without Iran’s Oil. After months of analysis, the Obama administration has decided to go a head with imposing sanctions on Iran. The administration says oil prices will not rise as a consequence.

But how much control does the president actually have over the price at the pump?

Meanwhile, oil and gas prices continue to affect campaign rhetoric. Only this time the candidates playing the keep-it-cheap energy card are running for Congress.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court continued its debate on the constitutionality of the federal health care law. The fact that the Court might send US health care back to the drawing board has started to sink in for some.

Anonymous threatens to shut down the Internet. The hacking collective is calling its effort Operation Global Blackout. Counter measures are reportedly being taken.

Americans spent $1.5 billion for MEGA MILLIONS lottery tickets yesterday. The $640 million prize will be split three ways making the winners rich, but not power-elite rich.

The lucky lotto players might not want to take a cruise. According to the UK’s Guardian, another luxury liner is having problems.

In case you missed it…

Portland cop Ron Frashour returns. Frashour, who was fired in 2010 after he shot and killed the unarmed Aaron Campbell, could soon be back on the beat.

And The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down. This March could soon be the wettest on record for Portland in more than 50 years.

Lastly, for your viewing pleasure: Politico’s Week in Playback.