While gluing my eyes to Twitter yesterday I was somewhat surprised to see this tweet from the Portland Police Bureau. I’m not opposed to the cops promoting a show that’s kinda-sorta about them (except with magic fairy tale powers) but it was a far cry from the normal fare that gets put up on their feed. You know: missing people, arrests, news-y stuff, that sort of thing. NBC Also seems to be, sort of desperately, trying to make #Grimmster an actual term.

Anyway, last night’s episode. It was something of a follow up to episode ten (a.k.a., the good one) and we got to see a whole lot more of the spice shop storefront on NW Davis, and there were a few shots of the SE Industrial area. Other than that, there were not a huge amount of Portland locations.

After the jump: Sex! Drugs! Massive Attack!

Eye of newt? Check!
  • "Eye of newt? Check!"

Last night’s episode delved a bit more into the fantasy world that Grimm has been constructing in fits and starts throughout the season with two main plot threads that didn’t really intersect.

The episode began with Renard and the mysterious blonde lawyer beastie (whom we have not seen for some time) staring at a painting. Renard tells her to seduce Hank, presumably so they can get to Nick. This seemed to be a 180 from earlier in the series where Renard was seen protecting Nick, but that was a 180 from even earlier in the series when Renard tried to kill him. I guess Grimm is trying to swathe Renard in mystery or something.

The lawyer-beastie makes some kind of concoction for Hank and bakes it into some cookies she gives him. Hanks eats said cookies, and then proceeds to trip balls. Hank has all kinds of sexy sex dreams about the lawyer-beastie. This is all well good, but then Officer Wu eats one of Hank’s cookies, though, and because the drug in the cookies wasn’t meant for him, he bursts out in a bunch of pustules that are one of the grosser effects Grimm’s done so far. The people at the spice shop, though, are able to cure him. The episode ends with Hank lying in a sweaty haze, dreaming of the blonde lawyer-beastie.

The other storyline consisted of some lizardmen junkies robbing the spice shop, killing the owner, and they making off with his illicit beastie-drugs. Nick and Monroe look into it, pursue the junkies to a largish indoor are full of tens where everyone’s getting high and listening to Massive Attack while reclining on pillows. (Why does a place like that not exist in Portland?) They do get the baddies, but that wasn’t really the thrust of the storyline. More important was the rapport between Nick and Monroe and the fox lady who inherited the spice shop from her late brother. She learns that Nick isn’t going to kill her just because he’s a Grimm, and Monroe kind of gets all flirty with her.

Towards the end of the episode, Nick drops Wu off at his apartment to recover from being covered in nasty pustule stuff. When Wu leaves, he unzips one of his couch cushions, takes out a plastic bag, and eats a substance that resembles one of the beastie-drugs from earlier in the episode. Is Wu some kind beastie heretofore undetected by Nick? The scene seemed to imply as much. I wouldn’t mind such a change- Wu is a fun, and fairly underused character.

The beaver guy also showed up. He gave Nick a pie. And Juliette learned how to shoot a gun. Whatever. She’s still useless. The next episode of Grimm airs on April 6th.