Activist wins. Burma’s long-time pro-democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi has won a seat in her country’s parliament. The activist is perhaps best known for spending 15 years under house arrest imposed by Burma’s military junta.

Speaking of elections…

Cheese heads could end insanity. A win for Mitt Romney in Wisconsin on Tuesday could mean he finally has a “commanding lead” over his rivals and that the Republican primaries are finally winding down.

Rebels get UN support. Earlier this morning, the US and other countries voted to directly support Syrians fighting President Bashar al-Assad.

Stranded cruise ship escorted from pirate-infested waters. The Azamara Quest, which was set adrift yesterday following engine failure, is now safely docked in a Malaysian port.

Anonymous does not attack Internet. The hacker collective's threat to shut down the Internet yesterday turned out to be just that.

Police are now routinely tracking cell phones. According to a New York Times investigation, cops are now doing what once only the Feds did, listen to you chatter on about how the government has tapped your phone. Carriers have also gotten in on the action by marketing "surveillance fees" to cops.

We are so wet. This March past is now the wettest on record in over 50 years. Take that, 1957!

The Portland Timbers lost to Real Salt Lake 3-2 in last night’s game.

And just because it’s awesome…

Architects work to build world’s first underground park. Using fiber optic cables to carry sunlight from above to below, two New York-based architects hope to turn a section of the Lower East Side’s underground into a green space.