Calobo at the historic Bob White Theater on SE Foster

Calobo announced this morning that they're playing three reunion shows later this year, including one in Portland on October 5 at the Crystal Ballroom.

"Calobo? Who the heck is Calobo?" you ask. "Also, why does everyone here pronounce 'Couch' all weird?"

Calm down, little sparrow. You obviously moved to Portland sometime in the past 10 years. (Okay, so did I.) Calobo was an indie roots-rock band that flourished in the Pacific Northwest during the '90s. They played their final shows in 2001, but its members went on to do many things that you have surely heard of: The Decemberists, Foghorn Stringband, Black Prairie, Caleb Klauder Country Band.

Their lineup actually qualifies as a supergroup now. Take a look at the musicians responsible: Caleb Klauder on vocals, guitar and mandolin, David Andrews on guitar and vocals, Jenny Conlee on piano, Kenneth Erlick on electric guitar, Michele Van Kleef on vocals, Nate Query on bass, and Brian Bucolo on drums.

Bassist (and Decemberist) Nate Query explains the reunion:

“We have been talking about doing this for years. We are all still friends. Some of us are in other bands together and we run into each other all the time. It was just never the right time. Our schedules never matched up. But I ran into Caleb at Jazz Fest in New Orleans last year and we talked about the idea of getting the band back together again. It just seemed like the right time and we felt like it could be really fun.”
There's a wealth of material that you can check out on Calobo's Youtube channel, and tickets for the October 5 Crystal Ballroom show are on sale here. This will be a chance to see some great Portland musical history in the flesh.