Jon Hamm makes his directorial debut with an innocuous episode of Mad Men that flew by. There were a lot of plot lines happening that didn't seem to connect and also OMG FAT BETTY LOL. In other news Pete is still a dick, Harry is still a weird loser, and Peggy hires a Jew.

Mmm, how ethnic of you.
  • Mmm, how ethnic of you.

Yay! SCDP has some new business, and an airline to boot. It gives Roger something to do all day, though Pete uses the opportunity to publicly humiliate Roger again. Roger has been saying some pretty hilariously inappropriate things lately. DON: Betty might have cancer. ROGER: Well that would solve everything wouldn't it.

But enough of that let's talk about fat Betty! The writer's just can't leave her alone. Unhappy with her life Betty has taken to eating as a form of pouting. January Jones dons a fat suit in what was mildly insulting to the overweight and very insulting to the character. But Betty was more likable fat, and a little bit nicer. Henry's mother suggests she take diet pills. THANKS FOR THE ADVICE MOM GOD WHAT A BITCH but when Betty goes to the doctor, happy to oblige whatever image other people have of her, the doctor finds a lump. She freaks out, calls Don, and has a weird dream, but she also kind of treasures the idea of being the center of attention. Henry says he still loves her (I love you fat Betty mwamwamwa) but she still makes him turn around when she gets out of the tub (OMG FAT BODY DOUBLE LOL) and then she finds out she's okay and she's upset because now I'm just fat (her words). Maybe she'll get on those diet pills and go all Requiem for a Dream on us but for now I love you Betts. It's nice that you haven't changed.

Harry and Don follow a naive client suggestion and try to sign the Rolling Stones for a commercial. The backstage scene was interesting. It was funny that those teenagers thought Harry and Don were cops because they totally looked like cops in that crowd. Harry tries to fit in and Don tries to be parental. Both episodes so far have gone to great lengths to show how out of touch the protagonists are becoming. But not too out of touch because HEY NEW COOL JEWISH DUDE. He wears jeans, he talks like a crazy person, and he's very talented. We even get a glimpse of him back home with his old Russian (?) father. I'm interested to see where this new dynamic goes.

Another new dynamic, Roger and Peggy sharing a scene. Roger is fishing for friends these days. Maybe they'll find some common ground.

Megan is right about Betty, but Megan can be just as cold as Don's ex. She's also not so good at playing the quiet and docile wife. Where's this going?

Sally isn't happy.

Don got the black secretary and her name is Dawn. Heh.

I was a little underwhelmed but this season has potential.

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