Jake Morris—once of Joggers, currently of Jicks—dropped us a note to let us know his new band, Nightmoves, has changed their name, in the wake of another band named Night Moves from MPLS signing to Domino. So, Portland's Nightmoves is no more—making the way for Street Nights.

"We're cool with it, though, 'cuz we like this name better," Morris says, and damn if Street Nights doesn't run rings around Night Moves or just about any other band you'd care to mention. Street Nights have posted four terrific new songs up on Soundcloud—every one is a goddamn killer. I'm posting two here, but go over and check out the other ones as well. Dense, sweating, swingin' rock 'n' roll that just sounds monumental in my earphones. Street Nights are doing damn incredible work.

These songs are a taste of what will eventually become a 7-inch single and a full-length record. Meanwhile, Street Nights will play their first show under this new moniker on Tuesday, April 17 at Bunk Bar with Rebecca Gates and the Consortium. That'll also be the warmup show for their appearance at the Keep Portland Weird festival that's happening in Paris—yes, that is actually a thing—so make sure you get a taste of Street Nights before France does.

Somethin (for the Ladies) by STREET NIGHTS

Heartacher by STREET NIGHTS

Street Nights, Rebecca Gates & The Consortium at Bunk Bar, 1028 SE Water, Tuesday April 17, 10 pm, $3