Continuing their series of live recordings captured at their secret basement location, Banana Stand Media is releasing a new live album next week, this one by the Angry Orts. The Orts make soulful, jagged dance rock without the aid of synthesizers, and their powerful live show, anchored by singer Sara Hernandez, has expertly made the rounds of the city's house-show circuit as well as Portland clubs.

There's a preview track up on Banana Stand's site—the live record will be released next Tuesday, April 10—but we've got another exclusive preview for you here in the form of "THX," which may or may not be a George Lucas reference.


The Angry Orts - "THX" (Live at the Banana Stand) [DOWNLOAD TRACK HERE]

In addition to the Angry Orts release next week, Banana Stand has a few other things in the works for the coming months—more on that as it happens. Meanwhile, the Angry Orts are playing Mississippi Studios on Saturday, May 26, opening for the beloved, ever-awesome BOAT.