Back on Track: After initially banning transgender contestant Jenna Talackova, Miss Universe organizers welcome her back into the race.

Oakland Shooting: At least seven are dead after a shooting at Oakland's Oikos University by a former nursing student.

Murdoch Madness: James Murdoch, son of Rupert, resigns from his position at BSkyB (a UK satellite broadcaster), not wanting to taint the company with his family's issues.

Silence on the Middle Eastern Front: Al-Qaeda's online forums go offline for more than a week—the longest period of time since the forums' initiation—with no one taking the blame.

Fancy Pants: Nike's first shot at NFL jerseys goes on display today.

Finders Keepers: A Maryland woman claims she won a piece of the Mega Millions jackpot on a ticket that she purchased with her co-workers— but now she won't share with 'em.

Holy Flying Cars!: A Massachusetts company creates a flying car to be released within the year and 100 people are already staking their claim.

Having Fun Isn't Hard When You Have a Library Card: A pair of pre-teen boys catch a 33-year-old man masturbating to porn at the Beaverton library and call their parents who call the police. Creepytown.

It's Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's! So here's a cat in a cowboy costume eating ice cream.