Any of you Star Wars fans psyched to play the Xbox 360's Kinect Star Wars? Giddy to finally experience real-time lightsaber duels? Well, I'm sorry to break it to you, but ... here, watch this:

A late April Fool's Day gag perhaps? Maybe a fan-made modification? Nope, that's direct, legit gameplay footage from Kinect Star Wars.

The real question here is, "why?"

Actually, scratch that. Obviously, "cartoonishly large sacks of cash" is the why in this case.

Still, it makes one wonder if George Lucas is finally enjoying his status as the world's most popular geek culture whipping boy. Perhaps after years of online abuse Mr. Lucas now gets off on enraging his scary-obsessive fans. Propers to him if that's the case, because otherwise this whole thing is just confusing as hell.