Grandpa Clowny McRomney
  • Grandpa Clowny McRomney
In last Sunday's Mad Men, many of us were too taken aback by Betty's... ummm.... "thyroid condition" to catch the jab the show took at Mitt Romney's father, Governor George Romney who was also battling for the Republican nomination for President at the time (1966). In the scene, Henry Francis—Betty's high-powered aide to the New York City mayor—barked into the phone: “[Governor] Romney's a clown and I don't want him standing next to him.”

However, Mitten's son Tagg didn't miss the jab, and tweeted the following:

“Seriously, lib media mocking my dead grandpa? George Romney was as good a man I’ve ever known. Inspirational leader, worked for civil rights, promoted freedom. We need more like him.”

At least one critic was confused by the barb as well, noting that George Romney was one of the few Republicans who somewhat supported civil rights. However, John Bohrer of Capital New York puts the Mad Men line about Romney being a "clown" into historical context:

It’s true that many of the elder Romney's political contemporaries perceived him this way. He often bumbled when not working with a prepared text (“George’s only sin is his syntax,” the joke went) and when he did, his preference for sanctimonious platitudes over substantive policy gave rise to the idea that he was an intellectual lightweight. In time, the notion that he was out of his depth on foreign affairs would turn him into a laughingstock and sink his presidential campaign.

Interesting article, and you can read the rest here! And Tagg? Sorry about your grandpa. And your name.