Why not catch some moments from Saturday's game? Might I recommend the massive hit of jammer Scald Eagle by Scylla Devourer at the 1:34:01 mark.

The Hangar was off the hook on Saturday for the roller derby game between the Break Neck Betties and the Guns N Rollers. Seriously, it was a loud as hell and teeming (teaming?) with energy in there with a crew of pink-clad GNR fans, excited Betties on skates, and dance-y tunes blasting. It was the last game of the regular season for the home teams—semi-finals and the season closer follow in the next couple months—so it was easy to see why everyone had ants in their booty shorts. With such an even match-up between GNR and the Betties, I was pretty sure it was going to be a bout for the ages, and if it hadn't been for a buttload of penalties by GNR they might've had another notch on their win tally, but it wasn't to be. Due to a clustereff of a penalty—where GNR erroneously thought a jam was over and started sending new skaters onto the track—nearly the whole team was sent to the bench while the Betties took a sizeable lead over the butt-rockers of Team GNR. The final score was Break Neck Betties 172, Guns N Rollers 102.

Sadly it was the last Portland game for GNR's Squid Vicious, one of my favorite skaters, but she made it count in each jam, while teammate Scald Eagle ended the game on high note with a 15-point jam, even after taking a huge hit from awesome Betties blocker Scylla Devourer. Overall, the Betties scored mega points with jammers D.Konstructor (matching GNR's Scald Eagle with 67 points), SoulFearic Acid (66!), and Joyride (37!). That, my derby fiends, is a lot of Break Neck points. Couple all those points with GNR's time in the ice box—nearly twice as much time as the Betties spent cooling their heels 39 minutes in the box vs. the Betties' 29 minutes—and it was a disappointing night for GNR, but a prolific one for the Betties.

Next up on your derby dance card is a battle between the Rose City Rollers' all-star team the Wheels of Justice taking on Chicago's Windy City Rollers at the Memorial Coliseum on April 14. It's the Wheels of Justice's first bout since last year's heart-breaking loss at the 2011 Championships!