There's something so strange about this April Fool's prank that the Romney staff pulled on their candidate:

I keep watching this video. The forced hilarity, the desperation to show Romney as a man with a sense of humor, the depressing hotel conference room under florescent lights. But I think the gag works, because, like most decent pranks, it preys on a real, serious fear: The Romney campaign must be terrified about the fact that very few of their supporters are very excited about their candidate. The campaign has not yet been able to convince reporters that a lack of Romney enthusiasm is a myth. This information is out there. It exists. I think Romney and his top advisers might occasionally wake up in a cold sweat late at night to the thought of an empty hotel banquet hall, or a town hall with no questions. This video gives us, however briefly, a glimpse into Mitt Romney's worst nightmare. It's a good prank for this reason: It's about one cup of coffee away from a screaming, shivering mental breakdown.