Here's the rustic new video from Death Songs, for their song "Let This Body Go," which opens their 10-inch self-titled record recently released on Post-Consumer. This song's been kicking around for a while, originally appearing on Death Songs' 2009 cassette from UHU Tapes (and recorded a couple years prior to that), but it's a great song, and now it's given a freewheeling video, complete with bones strapped to a guy's back, a mystic saxophone solo, and Death Songs frontman Nick Delffs chilling in a bike trailer. (At one point he also almost gets hit in the face with a tumbleweed.) Shot around Boise, it's all rocks and rivers and dry sticks—the scenery's a great match for Death Songs' revival-camp rock.

Death Songs play the Doug Fir on Saturday, April 21, opening for Y La Bamba at their album release show.