Politico says a conversation about Twitter proved to be the most exciting thing about a Nebraska senatorial Republican debate yesterday. The exchange starts at 50 seconds in:

“This Sunday, my daughter walks in, and says, ‘Don Stenberg is trying to follow me on Twitter.’ My daughter is 14 years old. Now you tell me - I’d like to know, what is a 62-year-old man want to follow a 14-year-old girl on Twitter [for]? She said, ‘Dad, that’s kinda creepy,’” said Bruning.

“It’s not an attack,” he added, after the crowd began to murmur. “You tried to follow her on Twitter, Don, that’s kind of weird.

Stenberg replied that "I don’t do my own Twitter,” but “As soon as we get done here I’m gonna… make sure that’s taken off. I don’t think that’s appropriate.” So! That settles that. Except Stenberg now has a reputation as a creepy old man forever and ever. Well-played, Jon Bruning.