Don't Poke 'Em: Following the blackout of their main forum website, jihadists plan to create a Facebook-esque social networking site for themselves.

Tough Crowd: This news is a few days old, BUT author/misogynist Tucker Max tried to give $500,000 to Planned Parenthood of Texas in hopes of getting his name on the clinic doors. They promptly turned it down.

Censoring the Censored: Anonymous, which apparently is not dead yet, hacks a handful of Chinese government sites, protesting national internet restrictions.

Keeping Up With Manson: This is what Charles Manson looks like now.

Hey Girl: Ryan Gosling saves a woman from being hit by a car. Because, of course he did.

Take Two: Invisible Children put out a follow-up video to their initial KONY 2012 release, zooming in on the Lord's Resistance Army and applauding the hoards of social media users who shared the original film (after watching five seconds of it).

Snakes on a Plane: An Australian pilot is forced to make an emergency landing after a snake popped out of the dashboard and slithered across his leg. I swear someone should make a movie about it.

Cozy Dino: Remains of a feathered tyrannosaur are found in China, further hinting at the bird-dino connection.

Heroin, Anyone?: Looks like heroin is ridiculously easy to get in Oregon, leading to the increase in drug-induced deaths.

No Thanks: Oregon Liquor Control Commission decides not to discuss firing executive director Steve Pharo at today's meeting, despite a request from the governor to do so.

Baby Otter Time: