The brewing industry in this town has gotten to the point where truly new ideas are few and far between, and ironically the most original thing to pop up in a long time (at least design-wise) is a return to basics. I'm talkin' 'bout Churchkey, the newest old/oldest new way to drink beer as of its Portland release at Dig a Pony (736 SE Grand) this very evening from 7 to 10 pm. Cans will be handed out at lower prices and openers will be free for all attending.

Drinking à la Don Draper
  • Churchkey Can Co.
  • Drinking à la Don Draper

Responsible for this boozy blast from the past are Justin Hawkins, brewers Lucas Jones and Sean Burke (Portland natives all), plus the dreamiest drinker of all, investor Adrien Grenier (yeah, that one). The cans have been pleasing most parties before they're even on sale—PDX Beer Geeks totally approve of the Pilsner that they found inside; environmentally-minded boozers will love how you can recycle the shit out of this can; and who doesn't want to look more like a badass breaking into their beer? Which you accomplish, by the way, with the beer's namesake opener: You crack two holes in the top of the can with that little tool (one for drinking, one for air flow). Naysayers ask why—why is nostalgia so trendy, why would we want to work for our beer, etc. But the general opinion of the beer itself seems to be favorable, so... why not?

I have yet to find a reason to hate on this idea—although I have an image in my head of drunk consumers losing the key and stabbing themselves trying to crack that last can with an ax.