There are many strange items of note in this personalized video from Thomas Dolby.

1. Thomas Dolby is opening for James on Monday, April 9, at the Roseland. Hmm. This seems like an unlikely, but perhaps harmonious, pairing, like watching Troop Beverly Hills then Dead Alive.
2. I could happily listen to Thomas Dolby say "chrome-encrusted trailer" approximately one kajillion times.
3. I would very much like to go inside of Thomas Dolby's steam-punk travel trailer, where he wants Portlanders to record time capsule video messages for the FUTURE.
4. Pretty sure you can see into Thomas Dolby's soul when he gets that close to the camera. It looks like science in there.
5. Portland bellydancer Rachel Brice's stomach has more range of movement than my entire body.

Perhaps I should record this for the time capsule.