Well, that was quick. About a month after putting it on the market, Seth Sonstein has sold the Clinton Street Theater. "For the last eight-and-a-half years I have had the opportunity to run the coolest movie theater, in the coolest neighborhood, in the coolest city in America," Sonstein said in an email he sent out to press this morning. "My eternal gratitude goes out to the citizens of Portland. I can never say thank you enough times for all of the support you have given to the Clinton."

The new owners are Portlanders: Roger and Lani Jo Leigh. Annnnd... aside from that, there's not much more info at this point. I had a quick email correspondence with Lani Jo this afternoon, in which she noted that while the paperwork was just signed this morning, she's already excited. "Although my husband and I are partners for life, the Clinton is my baby," she says. "I've got more hopes and dreams than concrete plans (since the first requires only my imagination), but I'm finding a theater just begs for me to play Tom Sawyer, and lots of friends are signing up for work parties."

I'll be talking more with the Leighs soon to get details about what will stay the same and what will change about the Clinton. Stay tuned.