Right Wing Watch brought yesterday's Debra Saunders column to my attention:

But I've read "The Hunger Games," and I know that American girls (and boys) are lining up at movie theaters to watch a skilled huntress — a young Sarah Palin, if you will — who does not submit to authority. Everdeen might be a girl, but she has a chance of surviving because she mastered the bow and arrow to feed her family after her father's death. Everdeen is not cruel. She always strikes a squirrel in the eye so that it doesn't suffer. She is fierce, but not fearless.

On the one hand, I almost feel bad for these kinds of old-school political columnists. I picture them sitting in their cubicles, looking around, wondering "what should I use as a centerpiece for my moronic political analogy today?" Saunders clearly just focused on the Hunger Games ticket sticking out of her wallet and went to town. She can't help herself. But on the other hand, I can't believe she wrote almost 650 words about this idiotic idea, almost a month after the movie came out. How do people like this still exist?