If you're following Portland's mayoral primary, the Internet has given you a lovingly wrapped present.

The backstory on the mayoral dance-off, according to Reddit:

This is why I love this city: in what other town will you get to see the four major candidates for mayor in a dance-off, grooving to 'Don't Stop till You Get Enough' by Michael Jackson.

I was at the Working Families Party last night. At one point, Cameron Whitten called all the other candidates on to the dance floor. And so there they were: Charlie Hales, Jefferson Smith, Eileen Brady, and Cameron Whitten, all bopping around. At one point, Jefferson even did a cartwheel.

In other news: Cameron Whitten just won our endorsement. We're officially canceling our endorsement interviews.

And in even more other news, the Internet was less than kind to Eileen Brady, noting her well-traveled line, repeated yesterday on OPB, that the eviction of Occupy Portland on November 13-14 was "the best of Portland."

  • Illustration by Logan Gilles

This does have one major problem: The pepper-spraying came a couple of days later, at Occupy's November 17 anti-bank protest. But it speaks to the disconnect occupiers feel when they hear a candidate say something like that. (Weirdly, I think the cops might also agree with occupiers about that disconnect, albeit for a different reason.) Here's what the actual eviction looked like: