We're number two! We're number two! And guess who made the top spot in Travel + Leisure's "America's Best Cities of Hipsters" list? IT'S NOT US. Think about it for a second, and hit the jump for the answer!


No. 1 Seattle

These northwesterners prove that a key to hipsterness is being ahead of the curve: they won the survey for their smarts, their tech savvy, and their high-octane coffee. As a result, the geek chic may be a little more buttoned-down here than in other cities. Look for representatives in the up-and-coming South Lake Union area, near downtown, or in former Scandinavian neighborhood Ballard, site of some of the city’s hottest restaurants, such as oyster bar The Walrus and the Carpenter.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA! Gross. But our write-up is almost as terrible.

No. 2 Portland, OR

They’re audaciously quirky, and they boast great beer, creative street food, and bicycle enthusiasts to back it up. In the North Williams area, you can experience several levels of Portland’s unique hipster zeitgeist: buying vintage clothing inside a double-decker bus at Lodekka; playing shuffleboard in the unmarked bar Vendetta; or pedaling on the stationary bikes that actually generate electricity for organic micropub Hopworks BikeBar.

Fuck you, Travel + Leisure. However does that mean Carrie and Fred are now contractually obligated to make "Seattle-andia"?