That James Brolin lookin dude up there directed Pleasantville, Tobey Maguire and a Horse: The Movie, and most recently, The Hunger Games. He was signed on to direct the sequel, Catching Fire or at least he'd agreed to it, or at least he'd been talking about it in interviews with press before Hunger Games came out. But that was then, and this is "Fuck you, pay me."

To be fair, that's probably a vast oversimplification, but according to The Playlist over at, it definitely has something to do with it: The offer he got to direct the sequel to Hunger Games wouldn't have paid him as much as a different studio is willing to pay him to make something he actually wrote.

No word yet as to who is being considered to replace Ross, but that hasn't stopped the internet from coughing up suggestions like Alfonso Cuaron and Guillermo Del Toro. Me, personally? I'm rooting for this dude:


Wait, I mean the dude this guy is based on:


You may snicker, but you telling me the director of Red Dawn wouldn't love to take a crack at the dystopia Suzanne Collins dreamed up? John Milius or bust, people.