I didn't see this church sign when it was originally up a week or so ago, but it's been getting a ton of play on the internet for the past couple of days. Another reason to say, "Yay, Portland!"


And it's REAL! From The United Methodist Portal (which you don't want to fall into, because you'll emerge in a universe where everyone is Methodist):

The Rev. Tom Tate is always looking for an arresting, welcoming “non-churchy” message to put on the sign outside Rose City Park United Methodist Church in Portland, Oregon.

Mr. Tate added that he considers the sign part of his church’s “radical hospitality,” particularly to those who feel alienated from organized religion.
“Unless we find a way to speak to people of our time, we’re not going to be around,” he said of the UMC.

While I have an itching feeling that this may be a trap, playing to a city full of religious skeptics sounds like a tough job. So kudos to you, Rev. Tate! (You and Professor Boghossian from this week's feature should get together for a lecture/debate. I'd tithe that for a dollar!)