Okay, so the Bridgetown Comedy Fest is less than a week away. That's a whole lot of laughing, and if you're not trained-up, well... things could get ugly. Get a few laughs in this weekend to keep things primed.

Ben Bailey, that guy from Cash Cab, is at Helium this weekend. He's pretty amusing, and totally safe to take your mom or a really uptight date to. I'll admit, I'd mainly go in hopes of hearing some sweet Cash Cab-related heckling and hope that he's got some sweet, sweet retorts. And if you do nothing else, click this link to check out his creepy floating-head website. Thank you.

The folks over at Curious Comedy Theater never seem to stop, and their new show Sketch Comedy Bingo starts this weekend. This is the second show of theirs that mixes sketch comedy with the unlikely partner of aerial arts. But, you know, if you want to laugh a little, then watch some totally hot dancer-acrobats from Night Flight climb around and swing and flip and stuff, well—they've got you covered.

Brody Theater is going crazy with all kinds of shows this weekend. Tonight, crazy-ass improv elimination Micetro is followed by the always excellent Fly-Ass Jokes. Since everyone's favorite Fly-Ass Joker, Ian Karmel, is infiltrating Philadelphia right now, tonight's show is hosted by the very funny Jay Dean and features Alex Falcone, Evan Davis, Dan Duncan, and Andie Main. Tomorrow night, check out long-form improv Two Houses, about families and stuff, followed by Sprung—spring-themed improv.