Pioneering 60 Minutes reporter Mike Wallace as died. The broadcaster was 93.

US and European allies want Iran to talk. The western powers hope a little sit down might persuade Iranian officials to close an underground nuclear facility.

In Syria, the peace deal brokered by Kofi Annan could be on shaky ground. With neither side willing to lay down their weapons, the ceasefire between Syrian rebels and President Bashar al-Assad might not happen.

China’s economic prowess comes to the Caribbean. US diplomats are reportedly concerned about China’s growing influence so close to home.

In Afghanistan, the US is handing over its night raids to the Afghan government. The deal to relinquish the raids was signed earlier today.

Two men arrested in Oklahoma shootings. Two white men suspected of killing three African Americans and wounding two others have been arrested. The shootings appear to be racially motivated.

A cruise memorializing the ill-fated Titanic set sail today. The ship is carrying exactly the same number of passengers as were on that floating piece of hubris one hundred years ago. Passengers were assured this was a memorial, not a reenactment.

In Local news…

Portland cops have arrested a suspected gunman. The man, who reportedly shot another man following a robbery on Saturday night, was taken into custody after police cornered him on a rooftop.

The Portland Timbers lost last night’s game to the Chivas. This is the third consecutive loss for the team this season.

A Portland company is investigating online pharmacies. The bridge town-based LegitScript is trying to figure out who’s selling bunk prescriptions over the Internet.

Lastly, it’s Easter Sunday. And while we could listen to the Pope give his Easter message of peace, let’s listen to comedian Bill Hicks instead.