Okay, comedy nerds—this is pretty cool. Two of the guys who'll be performing at this week's Bridgetown Comedy Fest are each teaching a master class at Curious Comedy Theater this weekend.

Matt Besser, a stand-up comedian who's best known for his improv, is teaching a class in long-form improv on Saturday afternoon. He was one of the founders of the Upright Citizens Brigade, and is a part of their hugely (and deservedly) popular show ASSSSCAT.

Besser will be here at Bridgetown doing both stand-up and improv, including an episode of his podcast, Improv4Humans. They say all skill levels are welcome at the Saturday class—so sign up and get your improv on.

On Sunday, Curious is hosting a class in sketch writing with Ali Farahnakian, a writer and actor-improviser who is also an original member of Upright Citizens Brigade, a past writer for Saturday Night Live, and founder of the People's Improv Theater. Farahnakian knows his shit.

If you want to see him in action, he'll be with other weirdos from Jon Glaser's show Delocated on the Delocated Panel on Sunday night, at 6 pm at the Bagdad, with a great lineup that includes Jon Glaser, Todd Barry, Janeane Garofalo, and Amy Schumer.

But if you also want to spend a little time studying with a master, get in on his workshop at Curious, from 1-4 pm. They'll be focusing on commercial parodies, short sketches, and two-person scenes, with an emphasis on how to format things if you were to get all fancy and try to submit it to SNL.