A billion grains of emotional resonance.
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  • A billion grains of emotional resonance.

Statistically speaking, you're a smart, cultured lot, so I'm going to take it for granted that you've played (and thus loved) thatgamecompany's recently-released PlayStation 3-exclusive Journey.

Likewise, I'm going to assume that you were wildly impressed with the game's gorgeous flowing sand that piled up around your character's feet, was blown about by the wind and generated the most entertaining dunes since that one episode of The Critic where Jay gets stuck in Iraq.

If all my assumptions are correct, I urge you to read this post on the developer's forum that explains the tech behind that sand. It's a bit dry and hyper-geeky, but for any aspiring developers or fans of the game, it's a nice extra snippet of commentary on how thatgamecompany managed to create such a striking world.